What are Regional Centers?

RECs are projects that have completed all required compliance tasks and been qualified by the USCIS. This process is arduous and involves an extensive due diligence program during with developers must provide evidence and proof of the economic impact created by the successful completion of the project. As such, these projects have been vetted and prepared specifically for investment purposes. That however, is not enough. The US is home to over 600 RECs at this time, of which more than 45% are inactive. Developers have become distracted with multiple projects and alternate capital sources that rendered RECs redundant in their minds. Projects have experienced delays and in many instances been stopped completely – which can be disastrous for investors.

Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha developed a process that addresses such concerns through complementarity and synergy. The process brings together developers with the best reputation and track record in the marketplace and provides investors with another layer of due diligence and comfort. The team at ASJ assumes asset and portfolio management as well as all legal and compliance related duties required by the USCIS. The enables developers to devote their entire focus and resources to completing projects while providing investors with a suite of services that ensure their investment is protected and working for them.