Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha Economic Development Centers

Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha Overview

Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha is a newly formed joint venture comprised of professionals with deep, long and active experience in banking, finance, international business, law, governance, media and technology. The company is committed to its vision of creating sustainable paradigm shifts in Indo-US relations.

Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha will connect qualified investors to our federally designated regional centers that foster economic growth and expand economic productivity in America while enabling foreign investors and entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residency for themselves and their families under the EB-5 investment program.

Ashcroft Sullivan & Jha Economic Development Centers collect and distribute EB-5 program job creation credits (both direct and indirect job credits) to our participating foreign entrepreneurs to support their immigrant visa requirements. These job credits are derived from our qualifying investments in real estate and private equity projects in the Middle Atlantic and New England geographical areas in America.